Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 2014 Client Appreciation Specials

Centre Herd Health Services, Inc.
1945 General Potter Highway
 Centre Hall, PA

Client Appreciation Specials —JULY 2014

Mastitis Specials

                          Orbeseal Pail + 12 FREE Tubes      $307.29
                         Tomorrow Box 12 Tubes                 $ 25.83 After 5% Rebate*
                         Tomorrow Pail                                 $309.99 After 5% Rebate*
                         Today Box of 12 Tubes                    $ 30.74 After 5% Rebate
                         Today Pail                                        $368.60 After 5% Rebate*

                         Calcium 23%                                   $    3.07                                  
                         Dextrose 50%                                  $    2.54

                                                               20% OFF Guardian
                        Guardian 10 Dose                              $  34.44            
                                     Guardian 50 Dose                              $172.22

10% OFF FreshCow YMPC
                         50 lb Box                                            $120.60           

Bioniche Specials

                         Epic Newborn Tube Buy 10 get 2 Free              $    6.66 Each
                         Epic Calf Electrolyte Box Buy 3 Get 1 Free        $  10.81 Each
                         Epic Calf Electrolyte 5lb Pail Buy 3 Get 1 Free   $ 78.07 Each
                         Immunoboost 5 Dose Buy 18 Get 2 Free            $  17.38 Each
                         Immunoboost 20 Dose Buy 14 Get 2 Free          $ 59.97 Each

Miscellaneous Products
                         Radix Chlorhexidine Teat Dip 1/2 gal       $  31.36           
                         Penicillin Procaine 250 ml                        $   8.72
                         Aspirin                                                    $   8.93
                         CMPK Boluses                                       $  22.94
                         Monoject Needles by the Box:
                                        14 x 2                                      $  18.37
                                        14 x 1.5                                   $  18.37
                                        14 x 1                                      $  18.37
                                        16 x 1.5                                   $  18.37
                                        16 x 1                                      $  18.37
                                        18 x 1.5                                   $  11.32
                                        18 x 1                                      $  11.32

                                                 Please call orders in between 7 AM and 3 PM
Office: 814-364-9655 or Email: chhsace@aol.com
*Mastitis Rebates will be submitted by the office-Checks should arrive within 6 to 8 weeks*


Meet Dr. Janelle Hoffman

Centre Herd Health is excited to have Janelle Hoffman, DVM join our staff. Janelle recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. You may recognize, Janelle as she served as an office assistant, while working on her undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences at The Pennsylvania State University and she also completed a rotation with CHHS during her externship.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Staff

Jessica Harpster, Assistant Office Manager, Dr. Bob Cloninger, Dr. Janelle Hoffman, Dr. Chris Connelly, Dr. Geoff Butia, and Ed Smoyer, Office Manager.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Contact Us

Centre Herd Health Services Inc.
1945 General Potter Highway
Centre Hall, PA 16828

Phone: 814-364-9655
Toll Free: 877-364-9680
Fax: 814-364-9680
Email: chhsace@aol.com

Meet The Members of Centre Herd Health Services

The Veterinarians 

Dr. Robert Cloninger, founder and owner of CHHS has been in practice since 1981. He earned his BS at The Pennsylvania State University and his VMD at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Christopher Connelly, owner of CHHS has been in practice since 2002. He earned his BS at The Pennsylvania State University and his DVM at Virginia-Maryland.

Dr. Janelle Hoffman, joined CHHS in July 2014.  She earned her BS at The Pennsylvania State University and in 2014 earned her DVM from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Staff

Ed Smoyer, General Manager of CHHS has been with the practice since 2004. He earned his BS from Penn State University and worked in agribusiness and production ag before coming to CHHS.

Jessica Harpster, Assistant Office Manager,  joined CHHS in January of 2014. She earned her M.Ed. from Penn State University and taught Agricultural Education before coming to CHHS.

Payment Terms & Credit Policy


Payment is due at the end of the previous month's services.

Credit Policy

Accounts that are 30 days past due will be charged a 2% interest fee per month.  

Account balances over 90 days past due will be considered "cash only" and payment will be considered due at the time of service unless arrangements have been made. 


Individual Cow Care

Emergency Care
Embryo Transfer
Ultrasound Fetal Sexing
Milk Culturing 

Herd Management Services

Vaccination Programs
Record Analysis
Nutrition Consulting
Transition Cow Assessment
Milk Quality Consulting
Milking Equipment Evaluation
Young Stock Management
Parasite Testing

Mission Statement

To provide quality veterinary services to the food animal industry of Central Pennsylvania in a manner that is professional, courteous, and responsible. This service entails high quality animal care, the promotion of animal health, productivity and welfare, and strives for financial success of our clients.

Practice Philosophy

Centre Herd Health Services, Inc. is a multi-doctor veterinary practice which provides quality care and products for food animals in Central Pennsylvania. Preventative and production medicine are emphasized.